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Central Arkansas HOG Mileage Challenge 2015

Mileage contests begins on the first ride and ends at the November meeting.


Two ways to win:


  • Total most Chapter Ride Miles. 1st prize.

    • Most accumulated miles from Chapter rides, will be tabulated by the Secretary.

    • Miles will come from the Road captains sign in sheet. Length of ride will be from the starting point to the destination of the ride, or when road captain calls the ride.

    • Road Captains please write the miles on the sheet before you turn into the Secretary.

    • Miles will be tabulated till the November meeting.


  • Highest total miles by an individual (driver) on one bike, 2nd prize. Register you bike at the February meeting or later.

    • You can register as many bikes as you like, but they individual mileages only counts as one and cannot be total together.


How do you enter?


  • You will be automatically registered for #1 prize when you ride on a chapter ride.


  • Have a road captain, which can be found on the 2015 calendar,  or Kevin Kaetterherny who works at dealership will log your beginning miles beginning in February and then in November log the ending miles 2nd  prize. The difference between the two is your total for the year.




1st Place - Front and Rear tires installed at dealership.


2nd Place - Rear or Front tire installed at dealership.                    


Note: If the contest ends in a tie, those contestants will draw a card, and the highest card will win.


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