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State Poker Run Stops Guidelines


Visit as many of the destinations listed below. At the December Christmas Party you will draw one card for each city you have visited. The best five cards will be your hand.



1.) You must take a picture of each of your stops with you in the picture (minimum of 3 pictures).

2.) Your Motorcycle must also be in the picture/ all pictures.

3.) A copy of a 2016 HOG Magazine must be in the picture.

4.) An Official designating sign of the destination point must be in the picture.



1) Rock City Harley-Davidson | Little Rock, AR      

2) Rock City Harley-Davidson | Conway, AR

3) Pig Trail Harley-Davidson | Rogers, AR

4) Pig Trail Harley-Davidson | Eureka Springs, AR

5) Jonesboro Harley-Davidson | Jonesboro, AR

6) Central HOG Rally Sign-in desk | Ardmore OK

7) Whiskey River Harley-Davidson | Texarkana, AR

8) Natchez Trace Harley-Davidson | Tuscumbia AL

9) West Mountian Overlook | Hot Springs, AR

10) Any Harley-Davidson Dealer (not listed)


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