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1st Annual Brass Nut Award

Announcing the 1st Annual Brass Nut Award. This is open to all members to receive. Beginning this year, we will track the temperature at the start of all official CACHOG rides during during the months of January, February, & March. Everyone who participated in ride with the coldest temperature at the start of the ride will receive the Annual Brass Nut Award (at the April meeting) along with a pin so they can add to their riding apparel. Remember, the first official ride of the year is David John's Polar Bear Rids this Saturday, 25 January. Hope to see you there.

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Feb 02, 2020

It's looking like good weather for my ride to Romance, AR on Feb. 8th. High of 54 degrees, at least for now. I did my pre-ride today and road conditions are good. Hope to see quite a few people there.

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