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H.O.G. rallies in reach...

There are several state H.O.G. rallies this year that are within easy reach of us. Here is a list of just a few with distances and riding times (of course, your riding time may not match mine, but it should not be too far off).

Louisiana (West Monroe, LA) – April 9-11 – 185 miles & 3.5 hours (NOTE: Director Robert Tolleson is leading a ride to this rally on Friday, April 10th, so this should be at the top of the list)

Alabama (Montgomery, AL) – April 16-18 – 475 miles & 8 hours

Texas (Tyler, TX) – May 14-16 – 255 miles & 4.5 hours

Kansas (Topeka, KS) – May 28-30 – 455 miles & 8 hours

South Dakota (Sioux Falls, SD) – June 11-13 – 799 miles & 12 hours (most likely a easy two day ride)

Arkansas (Hot Springs, AR) – June 18-20 – 45 miles & 1 hour

Missouri (Springfield, MO) – June 18-20 – 222 miles & 4 hours

Then you have to go all the way through the summer to get to the next closer rides…

New Mexico (Las Cruces) – September 9-12 – 991 miles & 15 hours (very nice two day ride and great destination and local rides)

Oklahoma (Poteau, OK) – September 10-12 – 195 miles & 2 hours

Florida (Ft Myers, FL) – October 7-10 – 1075 miles & 17 hours (good 2 day ride and beautiful destination)

Georgia (Jekyll Island, GA) – November 5-7 – 844 miles & 13 hours (easy 2 day ride, great destination)

There are obviously other great destinations if you want to go a couple of days in the summer, and of course, the three day ride to Yuma, AZ is one that Jo and I can HIGHLY recommend for a great ride across the southern US in the late fall (October 22-24) with some of the most amazing high desert views on the bike.

Hope you can make two or three or more of these rallies. With so many so close, it will pay if you just make an overnight ride, even if you do not register for the rally.

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