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And the Winners Are...

The results of the 2019 RIDE365 Chapter Challenge are in, and the overall national winners Fort Lauderdale Chapter, with 1,860,300 miles ridden in the Total Mileage category, and Fresno County California Chapter, with 11,935 average miles ridden per member in the Average Mileage category. Congratulations to the winners of each category in each regional market, who are listed below. Each winning chapter receives a commemorative plaque and a free pizza party for all members along with a personal visit from their Regional Manager.

Here’s one key takeaway as you plan for the rest of the 2020 riding season and beyond: more than half of eligible chapter members only completed one annual mileage reading, meaning their 2019 miles did not count towards your chapter’s total. RIDE365 should be a cornerstone in getting your chapter members engaged. It provides real rewards for riding. Promote the program, provide easy opportunities for mileage readings, make it fun, and go ride!

Sounds like we need to get to the dealer and get our mileage turned in!

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