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Meeting Minutes - January 2022

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Central Arkansas Chapter HOG #4097

Meeting minutes

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Start Time: 9:01 am

Pledge of Allegiance – Led by Kerry Wright

David Johns—Director
  • Please be sure to pick up your discount cards and have one of the officers sign off each time you participate at a CACHOG event. These cards are good for a 10% discount at Rock City Harley Davidson. These cards will be available at the monthly meetings.

  • Members who have purchased a new bike from Rock City recently, please add your name to the list. Please get with Judy Johns to have your name added. The chapter gets credit for new bikes.

  • Refer people to Rock City HD and get a referral fee. Pick up a referral card from one of the HOG officers. $200 gift card will be awarded to the HOG member referring potential buyers. Referral card must be presented to the salesperson prior to the sale.

  • CACHOG 2022 calendar is posted on the CACHOG website. It will have the most up to date info. All items are subject to change.

  • Facebook is a good source to check for CACHOG updates as well.

  • CACHOG mileage will count for members who attend a ride leaving from one of the 4 local meeting locations. Rock City Harley Davidson/Maumelle QT gas station/Crystal Hill Commuter Lot/Loves behind Bass Pro Shop. Overnight rides – mileage will count for day 1 leaving from one of the 4 local locations.

  • Get with Bill at RCHD to have your miles recorded for 2022. Each member should log their miles with RCHD in January and again in December.

Ladies of Harley –Judy Johns
  • Breakfast scheduled before the meeting in March; Teddy Bear Run in May 2022

Historian – Judy Johns
  • Send Pictures

Membership Officer – Kat Mcpherson
  • Distributed membership cards

Activities Officers – Kathy Rice and Jason Johns
  • All activities and rides have been uploaded to the online calendar. Please the website Activities and rides will be communicated on the CACHOG Facebook Page as well.

  • Medical cards for your saddlebags are available at each monthly meeting.

  • Please continue to sign up for each event. Notifications will be sent out via Facebook. Please be sure to comment on the post to RSVP. This helps out with headcounts for the restaurants.

Justin Myles – Safety Officer
  • As the weather, watch for slick spots on the road and check tire pressure before each ride.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings.

  • Gordon Hamblin and Justin Hardy shared their recent experiences on the road.

Fritz Kahley – Editor
  • Discussed upcoming newsletter and asked for members to send him content to help make the newsletter great.

Rusty Morris – Head Road Captain
  • Please contact Rusty if you are interested in becoming a Road Captain.

  • Keep spacing while on a group ride and be aware that braking reaction time might be delayed when riding during the cold weather while you are wearing thick riding gloves.

  • Ride often – Ride Safe

Phillip Anders – Secretary
  • Offered thanks for the nomination and re-election as Secretary for 2022.

  • Looking forward to another GREAT year of rides and events with CACHOG.

Luke Hageny—Treasurer
  • Treasury Report

Kerry Wright – Assistant Director
  • Discussed 50 Rides, One Nation, and Ride 365.

  • 50/50 – Ron Caple

  • $25 Gift Cards – Mike Parent and Dee Ann Morgan

Meeting Adjourned: 10:00 AM
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