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Meeting Minutes - May 2021

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

2021-05-15_CACHOG Meeting Minutes
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Central Arkansas Chapter HOG #4097

Meeting minutes

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Start Time: 9:03 am

Pledge of Allegiance – Led by David Johns

David Johns—Director

  • Please be sure to pick up your discount cards and have one of the officers sign off each time you participate at a CACHOG event. These cards are good for a 10% discount at Rock City Harley Davidson. These cards will be available at the monthly meetings.

  • Members who have purchased a new bike from Rock City recently, please add your name to the list. Please get with Judy Johns to have your name added. The chapter gets credit for new bikes.

  • Refer people to Rock City HD and get a referral fee. Pick up a referral card from one of the HOG officers. $200 gift card will be awarded to the HOG member referring potential buyers. Referral card must be presented to the salesperson prior to the sale.

  • CACHOG 2021 calendar is posted on the CACHOG website. It will have the most up to date info. All items are subject to change.

  • Facebook is a good source to check for CACHOG updates as well.

  • Teddy Bear Run today

  • Kentucky rally discussion

  • Kudos to the HOG members who helped out with the Ozark Rally

  • Patriot Tour Mission Announcement – leaving RCHD 08:30 am on Monday, June 6.

Official announcement attached to the minutes.

Amy Bucks– Ladies of Harley

  • Teddy Bear Run is today. Let’s ride and have fun.

Michael Strobel – Membership Officer

Kathy Rice and Jason Johns—Activities Officers

  • All upcoming events are listed on the calendar on the CACHOG website.

Neil Jones – Webmaster

  • Be sure to subscribe/sign up on the CACHOG website. Judy Johns – Historian

  • Send pictures Luke Hageny – Editor

  • Please send any material you would like to include in the next newsletter.

Bob Donley—Safety Officer

Rusty Morris – Head Road Captain

  • Thank you for all the cards, calls, and texts.

  • Know your bike

  • Equipment is important. Helmet, gloves, boots, etc.

Phillip Anders – Secretary

  • No comment

Kerry Wright – Assistant Director

  • $25 gift card winners: Nadine Morris and Chet Best

  • 50/50 Winner: Jeff Grimmet

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30 AM

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