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Challenge Coins

After our May Chapter Meeting there were some new members that were curious about the 'Challenge Coins'. As luck would have it the latest from H.O.G. Promotional Products by Norscot emailed about it. We also have Chapter Challenge Coins available for purchase at Rock City Harley.

A Staple of History & Tradition.

Dating back to the American Civil War, challenge coins have since become a longstanding tradition in the U.S. military. These special coins are used to symbolize unity and pride for each unit. When service members were to gather, they would "challenge" each other by slamming their units coin on the bar. Others were to follow suit and whoever was last or didn't have their coin had to pay a penalty of some sort. 

Never be caught empty-handed and be ready to accept the challenge with H.O.G. Challenge Coins! Keep the tradition going and show your H.O.G. member pride while also paying tribute to those who serve. 

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